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Trail Work Weekend

Date: June 20, 2021

Weekend Camp-Out Trail Work - Final Pre-WSER Trail Work. Sunday 8AM Start, Duncan Diversion Campground, FR96 west of French Meadows.

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Pre-Event Trail Work #1: Craig T.
#2: Kynan M.
#3: John C.
#4: Martin S.
#5: Bryan C.
#6: Matt K.
#7: gary w.
#8: Paul B.
#9: Michael C.
#10: Stephen S.
#11: Carey W.
#12: Todd L.
#13: Mandie H.
#14: mATTHEW h.
#15: ken p.
#16: Suzanne C.
#17: Jim K.
#18: Heidi M.
#19: Drew C.
#20: Haiyan J.
#21: Mansour M.
#22: Melina M.
#23: Kim K.
#24: Dan S.
#25: Brett E.
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In late 2018 the WSERF and WSTF (organizer of the Tevis Cup Endurance Ride), in partnership with the USFS-TNF (Tahoe National Forest and Truckee/American River Districts) and ASRA, created a new model to maintain and improve the trail(s) used by both events.  The new Volunteer Steward Program is modeled after the successful approaches used to maintain the Pacific Crest Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail.  Implementation began in early 2019, was used to get the trail ready for the 2019 events, and will be used going forward.

To facilitate trail management, the Western States Trail system has been segregated into eight Trail Sections.  Each Trail Section has a designated Trail Section Lead. This new system of trail management is lead by John Catts (WSER finisher and equestrian), with support from Nicole Wertz (Tevis Trail Manager and Tevis Cup finisher).   With a defined management structure and designated Section Leads our goal is to work closely with the USFS and ASRA to identify trail maintenance needs, and work with the USFS and ASRA to both maintain the trails and plan and implement special projects.

The Trail Sections and Trail Section Leads are as follows:

    • Robie Equestrian Park to Watson Monument – James Mather
    • Watson Monument to Red Star Ridge Aid Station – Craig Thornley
    • Red Star Ridge Aid Station to Robinson Flat – Kynan Matz
    • Robinson Flat to Pacific Slab Mine – Mark Falcone
    • Pacific Slab Mine to Foresthill – Chaz Sheya
    • Foresthill to Rucky Chucky/ Poverty Bar – Tim & Austin Twietmeyer
    • Rucky Chucky to Browns Bar Trail at Quarry Road – Jay Marsh
    • Browns Bar Trail at Quarry Road to Finish Lines – Kassandra DiMaggio & Andy Mayo

The new Volunteer Steward Program relies on relatively small well-trained and highly committed groups of volunteers to maintain and improve the trail system. These core groups of volunteers will, on an as needed basis, be complimented by additional volunteers who can signup here for specific trail work days.  As needs arise signup sheets will be posted below.

Each year we will still hold the Robinson Flat Trail Work Campout and Celebration to complete trail work in the High Country in advance of WSER and the Tevis Cup (signup sheet will be available below).  You are encouraged to join one of our Trail Section Teams by contacting a Section Lead or John Catts (, or signup to volunteer on specific work days.