Western States Trail Joint Preservation

Several Western States Trail (WST) area organizations are jointly working together to assure that the WST remains open for future use. Trail work is conducted by, and/or in association with:

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Western States Endurance Run Foundation (WSERF)
Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF)IMG_2699
U.S. Forest Service – Tahoe National Forest
California State Parks and Recreation

Focus is on trail preservation, either by improvement or maintenance, and is meant to provide a safe route for the Western States Endurance Run and the Tevis Cup Ride, as well as enjoyment of the trail by growing numbers of the general public who spend time in the outdoors.

Trail Volunteers are Essential!

Trail work is done principally by volunteers. The USFS and California State Parks & Recreation do not have general trail maintenance programs covering the Western States and peripheral trails. Also, the funding for WS Trail projects generally comes from private organizations, such as the WS Ride, WS Run and other sources.

Volunteering on the trail is rewarding and fun. And, for those who are entered in the WS Run and are within driving distance of the WST, scheduled work projects are the perfect way to satisfy the Run’s volunteer service requirement! (Please note changes to requirements addressed in the video link: Boots are required footwear, and running shoes are not acceptable. Volunteers without proper footwear will not be allowed to participate, per USFS regulations. Lunch and water is NOT provided, and must be brought out in the field by each volunteer. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

Please report downed trees, slides and washouts on the WST and provide photos, GPS information (See Below) and/or landmarks and WST ~mileage to: trails@wser.org
Note: Sending GPS information via Smart Phone Apps